Broadley Garden Centre stopped issuing our own Gift Vouchers many months ago, but we know that there are still some in circulation which have not yet been redeemed. These are cream / buff coloured vouchers with "for you" inscribed on the front, and inside the folding card the value is hand written in numbers and figures by a member of staff. If you have such vouchers, please either fill in a comment on the guestbook section of the website and send it to us, or phone 01667 451325 and leave a message for us. Make sure you state clearly your name and a contact telephone number. We will get back to you and arrange a full refund. Please note that this is a different phone no. from that printed on our vouchers, as we have been unable to get BT to transfer calls from a business line to a residential line.

We apologise for any inconvenience, but will make sure that nobody loses financially over these vouchers.

Please note that National Garden Gift Vouchers issued by us, with our company stamp and the HTA logo on the back, are still valid, and can be redeemed at almost any garden centre in UK. The nearest one to Broadley G.C. is Greens Nurseries, just beyond the recycling depot on the A939 Grantown Road, about 4 miles from Nairn town centre. We would also commend you to Highland Liliums, Kiltarlity, Munroes Nurseries near North Kessock / Munlochy, and Logie Steading on the Forres - Glenferness road. Please support your small independent plant experts!


Dear Customer,

Hopefully by now everyone is aware that we closed down at 5pm, Friday 30th September – and that was the end of Broadley Garden Centre, after 40 years of trading. Not the way we expected it to end.

Once again, a huge thank-you to every customer who ever walked through our doors and gave us their fantastic support. You, the customers, have been wonderful, and it has been a pleasure for us and for our staff, to serve you over the past 18 years.

Good luck, and our very best wishes to every one of you!



News from 1st August 2016:                 

We’re giving you news that I’m sure you don’t want to hear. I’d like to soften the blow somehow, but I don’t think there’s any way I can get round it easily. Broadley Garden Centre is going to close down on 30th September, 2016.


We have been here now for 18 years, and amazingly, in this beautiful “new” building for the past 12 years! About 3 years ago, we decided that it was time to ease off a bit, and we put the business up for sale. At that time I assumed that a healthy, profitable business would easily find a new owner, and wouldn’t have believed it if I’d been told that would not be the case. But that is indeed the case, and despite a few enquiries and a couple of very poor offers, there has been no serious proposal to take over the business. We have gone on, month after month, and now year after year, but decided some time ago that we had to “draw the line” somewhere. We take the view that if a buyer hasn’t turned up in the last three years, there’s little likelihood of one turning up in the next year or two, and we are not prepared to wait for ever! Our selling agent is a specialist in selling garden centres and nursery businesses and we have been widely advertised throughout UK in many publications and on many business websites. We feel that by now, anyone looking for a garden centre business would have found us.


It is therefore with great regret that we make this announcement. Unless a buyer miraculously appears in the next few weeks, we will close the doors for the very last time on Friday 30th September. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to our many staff over the years, and to the thousands of customers who have walked through these doors over all these years, who have supported us and encouraged us, made us laugh and made us smile, time after time, year after year. Without our customers, there would be no business, and we feel the burden of the thought that in future, without the business, many customers will have to find alternative places to purchase their plants, their birdfood, their soups, teas and coffees, and alternative places to meet up with friends. In particular, we feel for the many more elderly people who meet up here regularly, many of whom we know as friends and not just customers; and also for the carers and residents at St. Olaf who often push wheelchairs along the road for a change of scene and a short break from routine.


But the sad fact is that none of us can go on for ever, and we have to make this move sometime! We feel that this is the right time for us, while there’s still some life left in us! As one customer said recently “You never know what’s just around the corner”. What we intend to do now, assuming we do not get a last minute purchaser, is to seek Planning Permission to change the use of this building from commercial to domestic, and convert it into our own house – with a very large garden! We reckon that we spend two thirds of our lives in and around this building, so might as well sleep here too!


That’s the situation; you are now informed! If that was the bad news, all we can offer as good news is that there will be some stock for sale! We have a special offer on Rhododendrons, and on seeds right now, and plenty more offers will follow, week after week, until 30th September.


If you’ve read this far, thank you very much for your attention – and for all your support over the years.


Archie McLaren

Co-owner, Broadley Garden Centre.

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